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Something Rad Role Playing
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What we are

SomethingRadRP is a LJ community for role playing. You know how that all works, don't you? Members can create journals for their chosen characters and interact with the other members thru role playing, yadda yadda yadda.


The Rules

-Read all the rules before joining.
-Before joining, please review the list of current characters to make sure that the character you want to play isn't already taken. This is not a picky community. Musicians, Actors, Models, Female Characters, etc. are all acceptable.
-Please, we beg you, KNOW ABOUT YOUR CHARACTER. Believability is important, so please try to put on a believable performance.
-Make a journal and AIM screenname for your character.
-After joining, please fill out this application and post it in the community so we all know who you are. This is not a rating community, so you won't be accepted or rejected, but we DO need to know that you know what the hell you're doing.


Your real name:
Who you will be playing:
What LJ username you've created for them:
Character's AIM sn:
Top three favorite slash pairings:
Top five favorite bands:
Where did you hear about this community?:
Will you promote?:
RP Example*:
And most importantly, DID YOU READ THE RULES?!:

*The rp example portion of the application is so that we can make sure that you know how to play your character well before we officially let you in. Like we stated before, believability is important. So, please just write a short paragraph from your character's POV having them introduce themselves and whatnot and anything else you think would be appropriate.
-In the application where it asks if you read the rules, please put fire ze missles so we know that you in fact did read them.
-Please note: While het is allowed, this is meant to be mainly a slash role playing community. If you're homophobic and/or don't know what slash is, we wouldn't suggest joining.
-In your character's FP, please be sure to include a disclaimer that lets the reader know that you are not really the person you are playing.
-Add the other members on the character's list to your friends and be sure to add the new members as they join. Please make all journals Friends Only.
-No TyPiNg LyKe DiS or spelling words like you and your "u" and "ur", or to and for "2" and "4", etc. Please spell things out, kids.
-No suicides or murders.
-Marriage is acceptable, just please wait longer than a day after getting together to tie the knot. That's just annoying.
-NO CLIQUES. We realize that it would be difficult to talk to every single person in the community, and we don't expect you to do so. However, please don't only talk to three people in the whole community. Try to be social.
-PLEASE update at least once a week. If you can't, that's fine, but please try and update on a regular basis. If you are not active on your character's LJ and/or AIM for three weeks without an excused absense, you will be removed from the community and your character will be up for grabs. Excused absenses include getting grounded, going out of town, computer difficulties, etc. WE DON'T WANT TO RESORT TO REMOVING YOU. SO be active, folks.

Your mod
bloody_rainx aka benjismilkshake

If you have any questions and/or concerns, don't hesitate to ask me! :)

The Characters

Benji Madden - benjismilkshake
Tony Lovato - _tonyxlovato_
Billy Martin - _billyxmartin_
Joel Madden - sickboy_joely
Jeremiah Rangel - alljeresfault
Pete Wentz - sxe_wentz
Jesse Lacey - lovetheemoboy
Matt Lovato - mattkicksbass
Nick Gigler - _nick_gigler_
David Desroisers - twinsdoitbetter
Paul Thomas - im_not_paulina
Jade Puget - maddsexijade
Conor Oberst - boywhossodrunk
Tim Armstrong - tiny_tim_tim

New characters will be added to the list upon joining.

Sister communities:

Happy RPing!